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Sasha has been at the shelter for entirely too long.  She is a truly phenomenal older gal that deserves so much better… she needs to go home!

Sasha has been at the shelter for entirely too long. She is a truly phenomenal older gal that deserves so much better… she needs to go home!

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I know that I have been silent for a considerable amount of time – not at all what I had in mind when I started my Tumblr.  I am keenly aware that blogs, generally, do not work very well if the author is silent.  I get it, I really do… :)

Truth be told, I’ve had a few things going on that I will choose to keep private, but not enough to cause my silence… for the most part, my silence was caused by the necessity for me to process a few things that have had a rather profound impact on me.  My sweet, sweet inaugural foster puppy (Bryan, of course) has left us for his forever home.  I cannot begin to accurately convey the depth of my happiness for him because I know he is in a perfect-for-him home.  That amazing dog will never experience a day that he is not loved and cherished in that home. 

That being said, I mourn him. 

I think that my love for Bryan was a combination of a number of different factors that all came together in a perfect storm of… puppiness.  He is an amazing animal and I am grateful that my first fostering experience was with him because he reeled me into this world – hook, line and sinker.  As a result of the incredible experience I had with Bryan, I feel an even deeper sense of resolve to do everything that I can do to make a difference in the lives of the animals at the animal shelter. 

My dogs and Bryan’s intellect really made me look good to the animal shelter staff… by the time it was determined that he was ready for adoption he was housebroken and knew what “gotta go potty?” meant; fully crate-trained for up to 9 hours; Bryan understood that “go to bed” meant to go into his crate; he knew how to sit, lay down, shake and crawl.  He played with my dogs and learned his boundaries with them – no unwelcomed humping; my rawhide vs. your rawhide; never pounce on a sleeping dog; etc.  He really made everything crazy easy… the staff at the shelter was so impressed with him that they’ve started to ask me to work with troubled dogs at the shelter – HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!!

A couple of points to that – I hope I can continue to make them believe I’m doing well with all this… *grin* and I LOVE that I have an opportunity to do something more than what I was doing. 

When I filled out my paperwork to volunteer at the animal shelter I was so uncertain about whether I would be able to do it, but I felt the need to try.  I do not have the words to tell you the way it feels when I realize that I AM helping… I AM saving lives.  I AM doing some amazing shit!  And I can’t seem to get enough!  *BIGFATASSGRIN*

A further update - I continue to volunteer at the shelter (I have pictures and a video to post), but my son is now a volunteer with me, which makes me very happy!  We have taken in our second foster puppy, Harvey!  Harvey is not a full pit bull, but rather an interesting mix of hound and something else… the shelter staff thinks he’s got pit bill in him, but I humbly disagree.  The things is, I know the staff members at the shelter have SOOOO much more education and experience than I do and it makes difficult for me to challenge them… having said that, I will say he is a hound/pit bull mix and then I will fiercely bite my tongue (and smile my ass off!)… :)

I look forward to sharing more of my hiatus.  It has truly been a very interesting journey so far and I anxiously look forward to whatever comes my way (and doing a better job of sharing)!